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Anonymous asked: ClivexYouxDimitri threesome otp

I’m afraid you must have the wrong person.

ARTIST: Imagine Dragons
SONG: Radioactive [8 BIT REMIX]
ALBUM: Continued Silence


Imagine Dragons - Radioactive [8 Bit Remix by NickRemixes]

I’m waking up, I feel it in my soul.

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“My what a sudden influx of people. Surely Cog knows that I’m only looking for Layton and his little apprentice.” Clive chuckles a little as he bows, tipping his hat in the process. “Nice to meet you all though. I’m Luke Triton. and who might you all be?”

Why hello, Cl… Luke.

[ This, obviously, was Clive, but might as well play along. ]

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Ah…. Why hello! What brings you here?

[ She smiled at the three of them warmly. ]

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"No, no… It’s alright.. At least I found my home now.." And that was here.  And he nodded, "I’ll stay." Was the two words he managed to say, Luke was tired of being on the run for 2 years, it all hurt. Nightmares, fights, and it’s probably all over now, and he’s thankful for that.

[ She smiled and got up, gently taking his hand, taking him to a spare bedroom. ]

I hope this will be alright, then. Are you hungry..?

[ Melody was looking forward to taking care of Luke. Maybe she could help him…. ]

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He sighed, taking a glance to Melody. It’s going to be tough telling this but.. May as well. “..It started off when I was a baby, taken away from my parents at birth, taken to this secret science facility called the School, or mainly Itex. My DNA was spliced, making me 95% human, 3% dog, 2% bird.” And he felt like shit, didn’t even want to say the stupid facility’s name anymore. It felt like as if he ran away from home and wanted to forget everything about it. But it wasn’t his true home.

I’m sorry, Luke.

[ She gently sat down in a chair, bringing it over, and looked him over. ]

Well, you’re home now, if you want to stay. I’m sorry they did all that to you….

[ She ruffled his hair once more. ]

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(@Beforethefires) A Young, Sheltered Heart.


Clive didn’t know what to do, what he should have done—his parents…they’d gone, so quickly, before he could prevent it or do anything, and almost instantaneously after being held back from attempting to rescue his loved ones, he’d been put into this car and was praying that he hadn’t gotten into trouble.

Had it been his fault, and was that why he was in here? He couldn’t cease the tears that all streamed down his cheeks—it seemed as though his life were over with those closest to him burning in the dreaded fires and suffocating in the thick cloud of smoke.

When Melody entered the vehicle, now holding him close despite the fact that she didn’t even know him, he trembled and clung onto her, desperate for a source of comfort after the tragedy. How was he going to live after this? Would he go to an orphanage? From the stories he’d read, they were such awful and dreary places…! He didn’t want to end up there, and right now, he just wanted to see his parents again, but…

…That was impossible, now, and he realized that despite how much he didn’t want to accept it.


“M-M-Mum and D-Dad…th-th-they…” Clive was unable to complete his incoherent statement, his sobs distorting his words.

It’s okay, now.

[ She pulled him onto her lap, stroking his hair. ]

You don’t have to speak… It’s alright. I promise, you won’t be alone. No one is ever alone in this world, however it may seem. Never forget that.

[ She gave him a kiss on the forehead. ]

You have to stay strong, no matter what happens. Keep your parent’s memories in your heart. It’ll be alright, Clive.

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But that wasn’t the case, in fact, “I don’t actually know you though, but it’s nice to meet you Melody.” He met a woman known as Brenda Triton, perhaps she’s his older sister. He wagged his tail slowly, it felt comforting to him.

[ She nodded. ]

That’s alright. You have a tail..? What did they do to you, Luke?

[ She looked at him sadly, gently giving him another hug, making sure not to crush his wings. ]

Oh, Luke…

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(@Beforethefires) A Young, Sheltered Heart.

[ Melody headed down the street and fell over at the ground shaking. An explosion had occurred  and she saw a young man crying nearby, in a police car. she rushed over and flashed her badge, getting in the car, hugging him close. ]

You can cry, it’s alright… I’ll keep you safe, okay?

[ She smiled down at him, happy her pocket watch had gotten her somewhere at the right time and at the right place for once. This was… Clive’s past self. She might as well care for him. ]

Can you tell me what happened, kiddo?


! He felt his wings were cramped, but the only thing he wondered was how’d she know his name? “Um..” The boy gave a confused look, questioning, “Who’re you and how’d you know my name…?”

[ Melody stepped away from him and stared at him sadly. ]

I see… You don’t remember me. My name’s Melody Triton. It’s nice to meet you.

[ She gently ruffled his hair. ]

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[ Melody stared in shock at her little Brother and hugged him close, in shock. ]

Luke, what happened to you?!

(Open Roleplay) Time passes on.

[ Melody stared up at the clouds, thinking of times long sense passed. She missed all her old friends, her Mother, her brother… ]

[ She let out a long, sad sigh, sitting down at a bench in the park, watching birds fly about. ]

What a quiet day.